Lodge Family Tree

Our Mother lodge is Broomfield Lodge No. 4411 which continues to meet at Freemason’s Hall.


We have been fortunate to find that New Broomfield Lodge is the is the Great, Great, Great, Granddaughter of the Lodge of Harmony No. 255 which was consecrated in 1785. This date was just 68 years after the first (Premier) Grand Lodge was established in 1717.

Founded by Thomas Dunkerley, who was purportedly a ‘natural’ son of King George II and hence occupied ‘Grace and Favour’ apartments at Hampton Court Palace. A prolific freemason, he became the Provincial Grand Master of nine Provinces, the Provincial Grand Superintendent of 18 Provinces, and the first Grand Master of The Masonic Knights Templar. He also established the first seaborne Masonic Lodge aboard HMS Vanguard in 1760. The Lodge of Harmony No. 255 meets regularly at the Twickenham District Masonic Centre.
Lily Lodge of Richmond moved from Middlesex to Buckinghamshire and now still meets in Beconsfield Masonic Centre.

Commemoration Lodge No. 2663 still meets in Freemason’s Hall.

Bromley Priory Lodge No. 3604 meets now at Upminster Masonic Hall.

Family Tree