United Grand Lodge Website

There are various links that we have attached which go straight to videos or pamphlets produced by UGLE that are really useful in breaking it all down for you to explore and learn more about Freemasonry.

UGLE Videos
In this video you can find out why Freemasonry continues to appeal to the younger generation.

UGLE Online brochure
Interactive brochure you can view which contains a fascinating insight into Freemasonry.

Symbolism in Freemasonry
What do all those symbols mean ?

The Principles of Freemasonry
How is this all relevant to me ?

The Life of a Freemason
Have a peek into the world of Freemasonry

The Origins of Freemasonry
How did it all come about? Learn the past to shape the future…..

Taking the next step

After watching and reading the information on this site, and visiting the links to information on United Grand Lodge website, and if you are still interested in becoming a Freemason, we advise that you first talk to a family member, friend or colleague whom you already know to be a member. They will be able to explain to you what they can about the fraternity.

If you don’t know anyone at all who is a member, then get in touch with us utilising the form below and we can advise you on the next steps.