What can I expect if I want to join?

Starting out on your journey into Freemasonry can be an exciting time, but also a slow process, we need to see if you are the right sort of person that would benefit from joining Freemasonry and also allowing you time to reflect on your choice of whether to proceed with your application.


Your interest usually starts by talk to a family member, friend or colleague whom you already know to be a member. In some cases, you may not know anyone who is a Freemason, if this is true please use the contact form on the taking the next step page and we will advise you on the next step.

Once you have contacted the member or we have connected you with a suitable member, a few members of  the Lodge , arranges a time to meet you (the Candidate), at a suitable venue (usually at a bar somewhere), informally, to discuss the reasons why you wish to join and to discuss as far as possible the purposes and values of Freemasonry. Leaflets or booklets may be left with you for further reading.

If, after allowing you plenty of time to digest what you have heard and thoroughly understand, you are still interested, this may be followed up by another meeting or telephone call, to answer any new questions you may have thought of since the initial meet. Sometimes you may be invited to join some of the lodge members at a social event.


If you decide that Freemasonry appeals to you and your way of life the next step is to ask the Brother to be your ‘Proposer’. Your Proposer, along with another Brother, the ‘Seconder’ will put your application before the lodge for approval for ‘Initiation’.

A Lodge interview will be arranged, where you will be interviewed by the Master of the lodge accompanied by the senior members. Here you will be asked questions about yourself and your reasons for wanting to join Freemasonry. They will make sure that you understand your financial obligation, including the initiation fees and annual dues, the Gift Aid Scheme will be explained and the time requirement for each of the degrees, including practices and coaching, and for your regular Lodge attendance including practices. They will emphasise that a sustained commitment is expected from you.

If successful in your interview, you will be put forward and balloted for by the brethren of the lodge.


Once you have been balloted for and excepted, you will be informed the date when your ‘Initiation’ into Freemasonry will take place. Your Proposer will ensure that you can make the date, advise you on the required dress code, make sure you have the necessary dues and meet you on the evening.

You will be introduced to the Master, the Director of Ceremonies, the lodge Almoner and other Officers, as well as be introduced to the other members of your lodge. You will be required to say a few words in response to a toast after your Initiation during the proceeding Festive Board.

You will also be introduced to your Mentor. Your Mentor will be available for guidance and to answer any questions that may arise. His role is to offer enthusiasm, support and assistance to ensure your continued masonic learning, interest and participation.

If you would like to find out more please use our contact page